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Q: Can I give out or advertise the forwarding number TOUCH provides with the service?
    Yes. You can advertise the number, call forward to the number, or both.

Q: What does "Live Call Transfer" mean?
    Live Call Transfer allows your calls to follow you wherever you go! A CSR will ask the caller for their name and reason for calling, and briefly put them on hold while they call you (on your cell, at the cottage, at your home office, or any number you specify) to see if you are available to take the call.

Q: What happens if my staff go away on holidays?
    TOUCH’s Buddy System allows your staff to conveniently and easily manage their call forwarding preferences. This is most useful when your staff goes away and needs their calls handled by another employee.

Q: I have several people that need to receive certain messages, is that possible?
    Yes. You can have as many recipients as needed for certain types of calls. This is commonly used for General Inquiries or New Leads as the caller may not ask for a person by name.

Q: Can I forward my cell phone to your service?
    Yes, you can have ANY number of business or personal line(s) directed to your exclusive forwarding number.

Q: How long does it take to have an account activated and start service?
    All accounts are customized and setup by a trained TOUCH representative, usually within 24 hours.

Q: Is this a long term contract?
    No. Your TOUCH service operates on a month to month basis with a 30 day notice to cancel. There are no early termination fees.

Q: We have different "on-call" people that handle different types of calls. These people also rotate depending upon what day it is.
    TOUCH’s web access portal allows you to setup who is “on-call” or “on-duty” at any given time.

Q: Can I change the "on-call" person at the last minute?
    Yes. At anytime you can call your forwarding number and advise the receptionist of the change.

Q: Does TOUCH offer its services nationwide?
    Yes. TOUCH is a 24/7 answering service, so it does not matter where your business is physically located.

Q: Do you offer Inbound Customer Service and Support Services?
    All accounts are customized upon creation to allow a great deal of variety and flexibility with your calls. Please contact a trained TOUCH representative to discuss your specific business needs.

Q: Do you outsource any of your services?
    No. All Touch personnel are employed and trained by Touch. Our systems and software are designed, built and programmed by Touch. This gives us the cutting edge as we can add new features, services and custom design solutions that serve our customers best.